Downtown Bird



4 thoughts on “Downtown Bird

  1. I’m enjoying your blog(s), and I wandered over here today to see some of your photography! I am amazed at how similar our photographic tastes run! how long have you been a camera-nut? My career is fairly young – unlike myself – but I am an addict – cannot get enough, and I am ever trying to learn more and more about the whole art of photography. BTW, I too am a musician – we have lots in common! i look forward to reading your blog and connecting with you in the coming days, weeks, months, years, millennia. . . 😆

    • Thank you so much for the nice comment 🙂 I just looked at your photos page and wow… you’re right! We do have similar tastes- very cool. I just got into photography after writing a novel for NaNoWriMo 2011. One of my characters was a photographer and that kind of gave me the bug and am also addicted noe 🙂 Maybe we can learn together… happy reading!

      Btw… what kind of music are you into?

  2. I would love to find a decent and free (or inexpensive) on-line course to take. I had the wonderful experience of being given a one-on-one afternoon with a local professional nature photographer. He is a true master, and I felt very honored. I learned a lot, but I still feel like I am only scratching the very top-most layer of the very large body of things to learn. The one thing I have learned that is the most important so far is to learn by doing. You just start taking pictures, then take some more, then some more, and more, and more, etc. After that comes the analysis of your photos. – looking at your histograms, looking at the settings involved in getting those shots of yours you like, and by using those settings are you able to duplicate what you liked about them.

    I try not to think too much about how much time it is taking me to learn just the little things about photography. It’s almost like the camera is brand new every time I step outside with it. But on looking back I can see some progress. From my “point and shoot” camera, to the DSLR; then from the automatic settings on the DSLR to using manual settings every time! That was exciting to me when I was able to forego the auto settings!

    As far as music – I was a music/theater performance major in college. I leaned toward early renaissance music and Elizabethan era music, but I have always been a lover of Broadway – most especially Stephen Sondheim. Really, though, there is probably some music in every different genre that I like. The music I write these days is primarily contemporary Christian because I have such a need of music for church that says something substantial besides, “I love Jesus and Jesus loves me. . .” stuff. Not at all my cup of tea. But really, what music do I like? You name it! Except Wagner. . .I abhor Richard Wagner! (Big joke between one of my friends and me.)

    I’d love to trade photography info with you – maybe we can work out a sharing system with one another. . .

    • I’m the same way in that I like a little of everything although pop and country are my favorites. Would love to hear what you write- if you ever put it online let me know 🙂 Sharing info would be wonderful- I actually just borrowed a few photography books from the library so I’m sure I’ll have a few things to pass along… My e-mail is

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